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Basic Tour Fee: $50/hour

This two hour tour takes you on the back roads of Amador County. You will see things that most tourists don’t see, as well as hear a lively commentary as we tour the historical sights around Jackson and Sutter Creek. You will learn about the formation of The Sierra Nevada, why gold formed in in California, and Early California, Gold Rush and Pioneer history.

  • Relive the history of the Gold Rush as well as early mining in the region.
  • Visit a few of the surviving mine head frames - there were 300 mines in this area in the late 1800's.
  • Visit our local cemetery to hear a few stories of our early citizens.
  • Walk down the historic streets of Sutter Creek to hear the stories about the bawdy side of early Amador County.
  • See a gold panning demonstration in the waters of Sutter Creek.
  • Personal Gold panning available for an additional $10 per person and includes your own sample to take home.
  • Meet at least one historic family to hear their stories of homesteading in Amador County in the late 1800's.

Step-on Tours Fee: $50/bus/hour

Gabby offers three services for tour companies traveling to or through Amador County:

1. A one hour walking tour of Old Town Jackson or Sutter Creek. On this tour, the bus group unloads and take the group through a guided walking tour of the historic downtowns of either Jackson or Sutter Creek. This tour is perfect for tours that are multi-day tours and don't have a lot of time to spend with me. Includes a gold panning demonstration.

2. A 3-4 hour historic tour of Amador county's rich Gold Rush and Early California history. On this tour, I meet your bus and escort the group through a three hour Gold Rush tour of the area.

3. 6 to 7 hours touring the many authentic, historical sites in and around Amador County. This is an in depth tour especially good for history buffs. (lunch not included)

School and Group Tours Fee: $50/hour

Gabby is a retired teacher and offers guided, school tours for all ages from elementary, middle school, high school and colleges that are aligned with state standards. Gabby also offers tours to Homeschooling, and any youths group interested in the Gold Rush. Tours are "step-on " which means I join your bus or group of cars as we travel around Amador County. The emphasis of the tour is Early California and Gold Rush history. Gabby will provide many authentic stories of life during the Gold Rush as we drive the historic back roads of Amador County. There will also be an emphasis finding and identifying local flora and fauna of the Mother Lode.

Gold panning is a fun optional feature and costs $10.00/ person with a guaranteed sample of gold to take home.

Pioneer Trail Tour Fee: $50/hr - 3 hour minimum

Includes most of the Basic Tour, plus:

  • Drive up to Carson Pass and along the way stop at several major historical sites related to the Mormon Emigrant Trail.
  • Walk on the actual Emigrant Trail where thousands of pioneers crossed the Sierra during the early 1850's.
  • Hear the story of Tragedy Springs and the real story of Kit Carson, Jedediah Smith and John C. Fremont.
  • See the wagon wheel-worn rocks and hike the short section of the steep and treacherous  The Devil's Ladder.
  • See the actual point where the pioneers crossed the Sierra and hear the story of Melissa Coray, an 18 year old bride who walked over 2,000 miles for her "honeymoon".

All-day Gold Discovery Tour Fee: $400 (lunch included)

Tour the original Gold Discovery site near Placerville on the American River.
Take an underground tour of the Gold Bug Mine in Old Hangtown. Admission not included.

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